The onslaught of the California state government to destroy families and erode constitutional rights of parents continues with the latest bill by non-parent Senator Scott Weiner, AB 957. The bill in question allows parents to be charged with child abuse if they do not provide gender ‘affirmation’ of a child’s gender dysphoria. One amendment reads:

(B) If a nonconsenting parent objects to a name and gender marker change to affirm the minor’s gender identity, the court shall strongly consider that affirming the minor’s gender identity is in the best interest of the child pursuant to Section 3011 of the Family Code.

Despite the reality that children cannot consent to sexual mutilation surgery, many voices spoke to support it while a tearful mother described atrocities performed by the state which resulted in the suicide of her child.

As more and more impressionable children are exposed to gender confusion in the form of publicity stunt drag queen shows like ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’, these issues will receive more attention. Social media platforms like Nextdoor openly censor any parents in local neighborhoods who speak out against the onslaught of sexually charged drag performers appearing in character to read to children in the name of diversity.

Drag Queen Story Hour is coming to Laguna Art Museum on June 17th. Family oriented groups are scheduling protests against the event featuring a drag queen named ‘Pickle’. No information has been given as to why Pickle chose that name. The issue many parents have is not with homosexuality, but that drag queens use sexually charged humor as part of their performance, as is demonstrated in Pickle’s “Acting Reel”. “If the actor that plays Pickle wishes to read to children outside of his adult stage character, that’s an entirely different matter. You wouldn’t dress up in an adult themed character like Freddy Kruger and read to kids, so why is this different?” one parents stated.

Pickle’s adult themed acting reel

As this concerning trend continues, more and more parents are fleeing California.