A Superior Court of CA lawsuit against Kaiser Permanente alleging tissue trafficking and child sexual mutilation in San Francisco is moving forward.

Originally reported on our sister site Broken Truth.

The California Child Victims Act has been used to file a claim against Kaiser Permanente by a man who claims he is a victim of abuse by Kaiser Permanente for a procedure marketed as circumcision performed when he was a child. While the claim might seem frivolous on the face of it, the charges within it are anything but.

The amended complaint filed on July 25th seeks damages for:

  • Sexual Battery
  • Illegal Tissue Procurement
  • Underage Tissue Procurement
  • Illegal Tissue Trafficking
  • Wrongful Tissue Allocation
  • Altruistic Living Donor Registry Act violations
  • Intentiona Infliction of Emotional Distress
  • Neglicence
  • Neglicent Supervision, monitoring, training, and retention
  • Break of fiduciary duty
  • Constructive fraud
  • Civil conspiracy to commit fraud
  • Loss of consortium: Demand for a jury trial

The suit alleges that Kaiser Permanente and it’s collaborators manufacture and distribute equipment designed specifically for the mutilation of infant boys. It further alleges that Kaiser traffics the foreskin of children it circumcises for profit under the guise of a semitic religious practice that originally used a flint stone knife.

A Semitic Religious Rite

Ultra orthodox or ‘torah true’ Jews perform traditional circumcisions called a bris with Rabbi’s suck the blood from the wound created after cutting an infant’s foreskin off. The method used in hospitals does not employ that process and is not adhere to religious ceremony yet many hospitals claim they honor the religious practice. This claim is ironic because these same hospitals have actively attacked religious exemptions for risky COVID vaccines. Over text, Mr. O’Conner stated about the hospital system’s practice “They’ve (the hospitals) never performed the Biblical procedure nor made a good faith effort to do so” O’Connor told Broken Truth.

The second appeal gained more attention because it has revealed a method of trafficking used by medical systems that sells foreskins for incredible prices. A sale whose proceeds are not awarded to the families of the children being mutilated. We were surprised to discover that the website ATCC sells foreskins for $5,793 each.

One interesting note. The foreskin for sale in this link is infected with SV40, the tumor causing monkey virus that was ‘accidentally’ included in the polio vaccine shipped out to approximately 98 million Americans. It’s curious that the FDA claimed that SV40 didn’t cause cancer, yet SV40 loaded foreskins are more valuable than non-sv40 foreskins. Odd.

In 2018 Sandra Bullock discussed using infant foreskins as a facial treatment. Most people didn’t believe the treatment was real at the time, but it actually is.

Sandra Bullock discusses her ‘Penis facial’

O’Conner’s complaint is impressive, and doubly so because he wrote it himself without a lawyer. In what is probably a shock to no one other than the people who are financially enriched by the process, baby foreskins are also used in vaccination development.

According to “Vaccine Impact”,

Every year, some infants are circumcised. During this surgical procedure, part of the child’s protective penile tissue is removed. This tissue removed from his penis may be sold to companies and institutions seeking the rich human fibroblast cells and other cells it contains. Most people are unaware that for decades, vaccine companies have been using these foreskin cells to research, grow and develop vaccines.

Certain microorganisms used by vaccine companies need living human cells to replicate. The cells within foreskin are being used for this purpose. Foreskin cells can be used to turn a wild-type microorganism found in nature into a genetically modified microorganism for use in vaccines.

Baby foreskins are used to research rubella, varicella and human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines. They are used to make cytomegalovirus vaccines, which is something pharmaceutical companies have been working on the last few decades. This vaccine is being created using foreskin cells and clinical trials have already begun. The child’s DNA whose foreskin was used to make the vaccine cannot be fully removed from the vaccines prior to administration. Researchers are also using foreskin to create a human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) immortalized cell line for use in vaccines.

Baby Foreskin Is Being Used To Make Vaccines, VaccineImpact.com

The article explains how foreskins are used in scientific research. And they list references. “When multibillion dollar co-conspirators like Thermo Fisher Scientific openly openly admit a single donor is the source of their cell cultures they’re admitting to violating living tissue donor law.” O’Connor stated.

“When multibillion dollar co-conspirators like Thermo Fisher Scientific openly openly admit a single donor is the source of their cell cultures they’re admitting to violating living tissue donor law.”

Douglas O’Connor, Plaintiff

We’ll be keeping an eye on this case as it has relevance not only to circumcisions performed on infants against their will, but also to the ongoing sexual mutilation of teens under the guise of transgenderism being pushed by democrats in the state of California and around the country.