Kevin Rowe, 35 S Peak, Laguna Niguel, allegedly from Canada.
Wife is Irene Helen Vlitos Rowe – allegedly, originally from UK.

According to FEC Individual Donor Records, Kevin Rowe donated 3.5 million in individual campaign contributions across over 1000 different donations to largely democrats the past few years. You have to FEC search his employer because he split addresses (K Rowe investments).

Points of Interest

  • Large donations totalling up to $3.4 Million Dollars
  • Donations that are NOT tax deductible
  • Extensive donations to obscure campaigns and groups
  • History of exceptional art donations and involvement in art world
  • According to voter records from 2022, KEVIN ROWE IS NOT REGISTERED TO VOTE IN LAGUNA NIGUEL.
  • Irene is registered to vote at 35 South Peak, LN.
  • It is difficult to source income or identifying business activity.

Here is a direct link to all donations including transaction ID’s on the FEC website. I contacted the FEC to ensure these were not accidental duplicates.

To find all his donations on the FEC website, search for employer records for K Rowe Investments and you’ll find all donations from his addresses in:
417 Los Altos Way, Santa Fe, NM
35 S Peak, Laguna NIguel, CA

I had originally flagged this 35 South Peak address for curious activity with someone named who allegedly lived there named ‘Wim Westerink’ and a possible forged notary (unconfirmed). I believe Wim Westerink is a fake name attached to a company called Western Vault Security, Inc. That company is linked to someone named Elgin Laib.

A simplified version of the donations grid is here showing all the various campaigns donated to. The frequency of donations as well as the amounts are circumspect.

You can view the encounter with audio that I had when I knocked on their door here. This is not a public video.

They’re involved in significant art transactions and have made donations of art to various museums and galleries. Perhaps they’re laundering money via art deals?

Initially I thought they were part of the Act Blue Smurfs strawman donor scandal James O’Keefe has been reporting, but when I knocked on their door they were more interested in how I got into their gated community. 

Unusual Intelius Background Report

I can’t background check them properly as Kevin keeps showing up as a former Army IT/Cybersecurity guy. I’m hesitant to publicly draw attention to them without additional proof or discussion with an IRS or other agent.  Some poeple do make lots of donations and I don’t want to deny them their constitutional rights. 

I do have some thoughts about how the Act Blue laundering thing O’Keefe has been reporting on works. I can talk about that later if anyone wants. 

The Rowes Have Been Noticed Before

Here are my research snippets on Kevin and Irene. Dennis Santiago wrote a story about this couple involved in unusual donations in 2021. Two months after this story came out donations started appearing out of a Laguna Niguel address instead of Santa Fe NM.

Is Our Freedom For Sale? (article)


Segment from Dennis Santiago’s story. I have contacted Dennis as well.

Kevin was also listed as a major donor connected to Lincoln Project and major whale donors.

Kevin Rowe shows up in highly conspicuous company. 

Activity Set Off Anomaly Alert on Open Secrets

Kevin Rowe set off an anomaly alert on Open Secrets

Kevin was also mentioned here:
Doug Jones, who rode support of black voters to U.S. Senate, takes cash from Balch law firm, which tried to cover for industries that poisoned North Birmingham

Irene’s work seems to be as an author of business books and a few articles.

Irene Vlitas-Rowe Wrote a book on international business travel

Irene also wrote these articles:

Significant Art Donations

From one article about their donation:

Extensive technical analysis of the paint layer and underlying support were carried out at the Balboa Art Conservation Center under the supervision of Dr. Michael Brown, Associate Curator of European Art at The San Diego Museum of Art. Evidence from these examinations supports the authenticity of the work and clearly indicates the excellence of its condition. This painting’s remarkable state of preservation has allowed its immediate display for the enjoyment of visitors to the Museum. Nymph of the Spring was purchased from London-based owners with funds provided by Toni Bloomberg; Gene and Taffin Ray; an anonymous donor; Kevin Rowe & Irene Vlitos Rowe, and the Museum’s Acquisition Fund.

This is the art referenced in this story.

Nymph of the Spring
Lucas Cranach the Younger German

Donated 10-25k to laguna art museum

Unusual rug donation

Donated to MD Anderson 2016

Donated to another art gallery

NORTHERN PROPERTY INVESTMENTS LIMITED (dissolved) 08 May 1996 – 08 November 2005 Irene Helen Vlitos Rowe worked as a Director (MANAGEMENT CONUSLTANT) in NORTHERN PROPERTY INVESTMENTS LIMITED


Company address in UK:

K Rowe Investments (Dun and Bradstreet)

Only legitimate business activity reference I can find is a bankruptcy listing Irene, Kevin and their investment company as a bondholder for 

More about Hornbeck and their bankruptcy

Daughter Reenie Vlitas-Rowe?

Is it art money laundering?
FORBES: How Dark Money Threatens Us All

Is this their ‘Rowe collection’ of art in OC?

In Balboa Park, the Timken Museum of Art is a polished jewel
During the more-than-two-year closure, which started with the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, the museum acquired two works donated by patrons of the arts. One is a marble “Bust of Eve” by Thomas Ball, donated by Kevin and Irene Rowe, that will add some dimension to the collection, Cartwright said.

The “Bust of Eve” by Thomas Ball, donated by Kevin and Irene Rowe, has recently been added to the Timken Museum’s permanent collection.
(K.C. Alfred/The San Diego Union-Tribune)