Was Mayor Jennings Behavior on May 2nd the Final Straw?

In what is becoming a sign of serious not-sobehind-the-scenes problems in Laguna Niguel City Hall, Sandy Rains stepped down from her position on Laguna Niguel City Council.

According to her resignation letter:

After much prayer and deliberation with my family and mentors it has become clear that I am the right person at the wrong time in our community. Effective immediately I am rendering my resignation from the Laguna Niguel City Council.

This decision did not come lightly, however for the safety and protection of my family it is the appropriate time. An environment that is not safe to disagree in is an environment that is not focused on growth- it is an environment that is focused on control. I no longer feel I can effectively serve our community in this hostile environment.

It has been an honor and privilege to serve the residents of Laguna Niguel. I want to thank the many people who inspired me and supported me to serve our community. Receiving the highest vote count in both of my terms clearly makes a statement that I was the right person to represent Laguna Niguel. I will be forever grateful for the confidence placed in my ability to serve the constituents.

I wish the community of Laguna Niguel the best. My hope is that the council will make the right choice for my successor to serve the community as it deserves to be served.

Sandy Rains Council Member

Rains came under fire for attempting to review the performance of City Manager Tamara Letourneau in February in a heated meeting where she was accused of bullying Latourneau in defense of a new City Attorney that Oddo, Jennings and Gennawey wanted to replace. No one has addressed what concerns Rains had with Latourneau or her performance, however rumors swirl that the City Manager was under investigation by the replaced City Attorney.

Rains is the second city council member in as many months to abruptly resign from the beleaguered City Council.